What does a visit supervisor do during my visit?

A visit supervisor follows the court order, if there is one. Most visits will have Sight and Sound supervision provided. This means that a visit supervisor must see and hear all interactions between the child and visiting party throughout the visit. A more lenient type of monitoring, Sight or Sound, means that a visit supervisor must be able to either see or hear the parties.  This type of supervision will only be provided if specified in a court order.

A visit supervisor’s first concern is the child’s well-being but they also want the visit to be comfortable for you and your child. A visit supervisor can remain in the background (as long as monitoring guidelines are followed) or participate in activities and/or conversation. This is the visiting party’s choice. We attempt to assign one supervisor to a family in an effort to limit the number of strangers in the child’s life and to raise the comfort level of the visit for all parties.

What can my children and I do on supervised visits? Are there any limits?

Most visits require sight and sound supervision. That means that a supervisor must be able to hear and see all interactions between the visiting parent and the children. Certain activities will be linited because of this. Please check with the Supervised Visitation Coordinator and she will answer any questions you may have. Mileage costs may be incurred depending on the number of miles a supervisor drives. may incur mileage costs.

How can I make a payment?

You can pay online via debit or credit card by going to our Resource Page. You can make that payment online here.