Co-Parenting Workshops


Our Cooperative Parenting and Divorce program is designed to improve the quality of the parental relationship in situations of separation or divorce by teaching parents how to shield their children from parental conflict and establish a positive, long-term relationship as “co-parents.” The course entails eight weekly sessions that incorporate skill development, role plays, and weekly homework. Sessions typically last around one or two hours. If necessary, two sessions can be completed each week as long as the parent is motivated.

Program Goals Include:

  • Assisting parents in shifting their role from former spouse to co-parents.
  • Educating parents regarding the impact of parental conflict on their child’s development.
  • Helping parents identify their contribution to conflict while increasing impulse control.
  • Teaching parents anger management, communication and conflict-resolution skills and children’s issues in divorce.

Prior to the first session, parents will meet with a group facilitator individually to assess the degree of conflict between the parents and to determine if this program will be beneficial.

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce Sessions:

Session 1.  Making the Commitment to Caring (Child-Focused or Out of Focus)

Session 2.  Allowing My Child to Love Both Parents (Plan for Peace or Tug of War)

Session 3.  Choosing My Personal Path (Making it Better or Keep it Bitter) 

Session 4. Changing My Long-Term Role (Letting Go or Holding On)

Session 5.  Managing My Own Anger (Neither Fight nor Take Flight)

Session 6.  Taking control of Conflict (Defuse or Light the Fuse) 

Session 7.  Negotiating Agreement (All a Winner or Winner Takes All)

Session 8.  Co-Parenting is Forever (Cooperation or Conflict)

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce was created by Susan Boyan, M.Ed., L.M.F.T. and Ann Marie Termini, Ed.S., L.P.C. psychotherapists widely known for their expertise in the area of divorce and the family. This program will be co-facilitated in the tri-county area by Melissa Craven, M.A., L.P.C. and Linda Toporek, President of Family Ties.

Contact: Linda Toporek with Family Ties of the Lowcountry, LLC.

Phone: 843.478.9560

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