Help for your situation

No matter how hopeless your situation may seem at the moment, cooperative co-parenting is an attainable goal. We can provide whatever level of support you need to get there.


We have years of experience helping people in various stages of relationship dysfunction.  There is no reason to feel ashamed about what has already occurred — we aren’t here to judge or cast blame. We help you leave the past in the past and move forward by creating a new relationship focused entirely on providing for your children.

Right now you may be struggling with:

Destructive communication patterns:


    • Communication that escalates into fighting.
    • Discussions that quickly get off topic.
    • Inability to compromise or find mutually satisfying agreements.

Services that can help:

We can help create a co-parenting plan that serves the foundation of an effective cooperative co-parenting arrangement. This detailed plan addresses all aspects of co-parenting including how to communicate, timeshare structure, and problem-solving. Even if discussions have gone poorly in the past, we are often able to find mutually satisfying solutions that meet everyone’s needs. With a co-parenting agreement in place, many communication problems resolve themselves.

Part of our Co-parent Skill Building is helping parents implement a communication structure that minimizes the potential for disagreement and stay focused on the issues at hand. This service is contextual and addresses issues as they arise. A communication protocol will be implemented with communication being sent through us so we can provide feedback on phrasing and ensure that all communication is healthy. Once you have established new, effective patterns of communication our involvement will decrease. Of course, we can continue this service as long as it is deemed necessary to avoid sliding back into disruptive conflict.

Fear or discomfort around your ex:


    • Worry that your ex can successfully manipulate you
    • Fear that your ex may become physically or emotionally abusive
    • Levels of tension, anger, or anxiety that are difficult to manage

Services that can help:

Depending on what has happened in the past and what your concerns are, we can implement structured interactions that prevent harm and help everyone feel comfortable. In situations where there is fear of harm, supervised transition of children and possessions before and after visits can ensure everyone is protected and exchanges go smoothly. Monitored email exchanges (part of our Co-parenting Skill Building) help prevent abusive language and manipulation.

Concerns about your child's well-being:


    • Worry that your child is not safe when in your ex’s care
    • Concern that your ex’s lifestyle or living arranagement is unhealthy

Services that can help:

We provide home inspections through a DSS trained third-party. These inspections are very thorough and should reassure the requesting parent that the visitation environment is safe for children.

Supervised visitation ensures that your child is safe on visits. We can provide various levels of supervision depending on the concerns.

Together we can end the cycles of conflict and create healthy patterns of interaction. If you are unsure what services may help your situation, please contact us to discuss.


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